What to Expect

We will meet you at the Kodiak airport and your adventure begins.

Before heading to the field we will pick up your licence and tags, check the zero on your rifle, and do any last minute shopping you need.  Next we will travel by small bush plane to the field.  Alaska law does not allow for hunting big game other than deer the same day you have flown, so the first day will generally be used to settle into camp and do some scouting.

Camp will vary depending upon hunt but will generally be high-quality base camp style tents i.e. ‘Bomb Shelter’ or ‘Arctic Oven.’  Some camps may have a cabin, and in some cases we may use backpack style tents to better access remote areas.

Please be aware that Kodiak weather can often delay our arrival and departure from the field.  This is just a fact of life and nothing that can be helped so just sit back and wait for Nature to smile again.


Outfitter will provide –

  • Tents, cots, cooking equipment, food and all other necessities for a comfortable but basic hunting camp.
  • ALL TRANSPORTATION FROM KODIAK TO THE FIELD – this can be a substantial cost at times, but you don’t need to worry about it.
  • All State and Federal use fees and any private land use fees for guide and packer.
  • Trophy care in the field and transportation back to the City of Kodiak.

Client will be responsible for –

  • Bringing your own rifle and ammo, clothing, and personal gear.
  • Transportation to Kodiak.
  • Lodging and food in the city if delayed on either end.  Outfitter will assist with setting you up with lodging.
  • Hunting license and tags.
  • Transportation of you trophy from Kodiak back home.  Outfitter can assist with options.
  • Private land use fees if necessary.


More coming soon.  Please check back.

Pacific North Hunters

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